CORAL brief introduction
“CORAL” is a new project founded by a company with 10 years of international trade experience.
“CORAL” plans to open up manufacturing capabilities, engineering capabilities, and sales capabilities to help artist build their own branded products and help them sell.
We have a wealth of supply chain management capabilities, we are involved in every aspect of manufacturing, in order to provide customers with competitive prices.
We serve large retailers in many countries, quality control capabilities, and order delivery is recognized by customers.
Question response from the buyer

Buyer: These products add a brand premium and I think it will exceed my purchase budget.
Re: No need to worry, we did not increase the brand premium, the price of the purchase is the same as before.

Buyer: If you didn't increase the brand premium, how do you pay for the artist?
Re: Artist will receive 50% of the order's profit on any order, and if the order is sufficient, the artist's return is high.

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