Brings joy to life.
The beginning of CORAL

A few years ago, there is a industrial designer who has been working in society for several years and has already got his own achievements. He has done many designs for many famous brands, and his design had won the Red Dot Design Award. But he never had the chance to establish his own brand, he had made many attempts, but the complicated supply chain, the expensive cost and the time consuming work of each process, all these factors discouraged him.

And then he comes to an idea...

If there is a platform that belongs to the artists, bring together their whimsical ideas around the world, produce those ideas into products, and create their own brands. Wouldn't that be interesting?

So he created the CORAL:

- He knows that artists' time are very valuable and limited, so he found a professional design team and sales team. Artists only need to provide some of their existing works, and then the designers team will be responsible for designing the products, while the sales team will be responsible for selling the products all over the world.

- He knows that CORAL had a huge market demand, as it had been in contact with more than 40 major retailers around the world since its inception.

- He knows that CORAL can help each artist gains a group of fans who like their products around the world. Because it has a rich and flexible supply chain. Environmentally friendly factories, high quality products and reasonable prices, a perfect advantage in this country.

- He offers a complete and 100% transparent cooperation model for artists: all design and production progress will be confirmed with the artist. All the contracts with the clients will be copied to the artist to ensure that the order is made openly and transparently. For each successful order, the artist's income will be 50% of the order's profit, and 20% of the profit will be put into the fund pool.

- CORAL designers have a wealth of experience, designing products based on the most current trends and bring artists' work to world in avant-garde and popular designs.

All copyrights belong to the artist, and CORAL will take charge of all the processes.

Instead of going it alone, let's make something interesting together!

Other interesting things about CORAL:

Fund pool

Do you have something unfinished that you don't have time to do? Would you like to use your power to help more people, your country, or even the world?

CORAL will put 20% of the profits from each order into the fund pool, all the artists can apply to use it, and they just need to give feedback to CORAL to tell the way of using.

Custom service

If artists want to make their own products, or want to sell by themselves, CORAL also can provide production services with a minimum order of 50 pieces or more.


Brings joy to life
We wanted to make something interesting.
We want these products to be affordable to most people.
We want these products to convey our positive, upbeat attitude towards the world.

Welcome to join us!

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