Brings joy to life.
Who are we

CORAL is a global fashion platform operating at the intersection of culture,community and commerce. Gathering independent artist brands from all over the world.

We offer products designing、supply chain、manufacturing and selling servies for artists,which helps building their brand more efficiently and steadily.

We are a funny bunch of people, we love life and full of enthusiasm.

We have interesting ideas, fancy designs, attractive products.

CORAL has many selections of global independent artists, showcasing and marketing their own brands.

We strive to make creating and shopping an easy and fun, seamless experience,

Providing you with a unique selection of products.

Brand relationships

Global artists work with us for the following reasons:

We focus on building authentic relationships, making our marketplace into a platform.

CORAL is expected to help every brand to expand and develop at an attractive pace to the world.

We want people own something unique without being deterred by price,

CORAL has a flexible supply chain, from sourcing materials to manufacture and production, to content creation and sales, we are there every step of the way.

Sustainable Development

We want to help you look good and do good,

We also want to help the environment to get better,

Our products, it should be close to life and close to nature.

We hope that every cooperation with you will be a long-term development.

We are also a manufacturer,

So competitive prices and faster delivery will be our goals.

Environmental protection is our pursuit,

All raw materials are tested for RoHS, Reach, etc., all textiles are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified and all factories are SEDEX BSCI certified.

Product packaging is kept as simple as possible and no non-degradable materials are used.


Brings joy to life

We all know it’s better to give than receive, that’s why we have our own charity funds.

The benifits from each order will expand the fund and our artists can use the fund to help more people.

We always want to do more,

you can find something you like, something you want and what you’d like to changed.

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Dear Buyers, please contact us for a quotation or samples if you are interested in any of products.






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